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Not Yours
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Summer Song
LIVE RECORDING - If I Can have You.

Music Videos

Not Yours 4:15
Not Yours is a middle finger to anybody and anything that has ever tried to hold you back.
Sunshine (Spanish Lyric Video) 3:25
Sunshine is a beautiful story about two young musicians that fleetingly met on the Sunshine Coast music scene, their time together was short but the memories will last a lifetime.
Summer Song (Spanish Lyric Video) 3:25
A summer party song about a banging beach party. Have fun, kiss some strangers and don't take life too seriously.
Say Whoa 4:36
Say Whoa is exactly what you shout when you can't hold in the loving feeling from a new romance.
Restless 3:58
Restless is about the inequity in a breakup and how each person wrestles with blaming each other over blaming one's self.

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