Meet The Band
Get to know the guys, learn all their dark secrets, well, maybe not that much but certainly more than you already knew.

Meet The Band


Harris was born in the UK to Italian and English parents. He spent years traveling the world as an actor, singer, dancer and DJ. Harris is one of the writing forces in the band and brings a combination of his lust for life alongside his ability to cope with great loss. His mature yet frivolous lyrical style has been influenced by the intricate quirky patterns of Anthony Keidis as well as the poetic flow of Jim Morrison.


Esteban is the latin lover in the band, the passion and the power. He was born in Argentina of Italian decent and has developed a musical technicality through years of study both theoretical and practical. He has been in many bands throughout the world but fortunately for you, he settled on The Sunshine Coast where he stumbled on a jam night in a backpacker bar in Noosa. That was the fateful night Esteban met Harris and they first performed together. learn the full story here


Max is an Ozzy through and through, this young gun doesn't just keep time, he keeps exceeding everybody's expectations, the sky isn't even the limit. Max is born of Australian and Spanish parents; completing the band's multicultural pith, he has the attitude of a rock star and the flair of an artist. Max is young in years but an old hat on the skins, just watch him once and you'll crave for more.